Dinand Stufkens, designer and researcher

Dinand is an Amsterdam-based industrial designer and compulsive researcher. He's alays trying to create something new, something durable and spents years collecting, adapting and testing all sorts of used materials. Like retired conveyer belt and army canvas.

Dinand Stufkens founder of KAZMOK  Dinand Stufkens founder of KAZMOK  Dinand Stufkens founder of KAZMOK
In 2010 Dinand presented his first collection of briefcases and business bags under the name of Kazmok and recieved several international design awards. But He's most happy to create just really good stuff for people who believe that bold design and sustainability should go hand in hand.

The paradox of uniqueness
The conveyor belt. Humble symbol of mass production, which runs endless circles in factories, warehouses and airports. The band parts are subtly scratched and etched by all the stuff they transport. Each piece thus gets its own unique patina. And that's where Kazmok comes around the corner. Used, extremely strong conveyor belt is transformed into a durable, top-notch business bag. Kazmok. Dutch design, designed to last.

reddot design award winner 2012       German Design Award Nominee 2014         A'DESIGN AWARD&COMPETITION silver WINNER